A goat’s owner sell the goat for IDR 75000 to a broker, then the broker  offers to the three young men. To be fair, it means that a man have to pay IDR 25.000, right? A goat had been purchased, and the broker get a commission IDR 5000 from the owner. By the broker, the commission is given to the three young men who buy goats IDR 1000, respectively. So, he’s just got  IDR 2000. Correct?

Logically, a man just pay IDR 24000, right? (because IDR 1000 was returned). While the IDR 24000 x 3 = IDR 72000, and the broker get money IDR 2000, so IDR 72000 + IDR 2000 = IDR 74000. So, IDR 75000 – IDR 74000 = IDR 1000, Right?

The question is “where is the remaining money (IDR 1000)?”

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